Graffiti Bombing was created to compare and contrast the appearance and treatment of Graffiti in two areas of Liverpool,  these areas being Central Liverpool and Kensington.

Graffiti in Kensington is vilified, classed as vandalism and is actively being erased by the local council in a bid to gentrify the area. Graffiti in Central Liverpool however is praised and is seen as an art form.

After comparing the two areas, the types of Graffiti and the messages present don’t differ drastically. There is more offensive tagging done in Central Liverpool in comparison to Kensington, so why is it being treated differently?

Creative expression is being silenced and erased by the government in an attempt to make certain areas appear cleaner and more appealing to locals and tourists. 

Graffiti Bombing consists of a 160 page publication with two accompanying
leaflets. The publication houses ENCAMS ‘Good Graffiti, Bad Graffiti’ a 2004 act imposed by the government and ENCAMS to study and research the public’s perceptions surrounding Graffiti.

The leaflets contain a wider view at the amount of graffiti present in both areas, the streets on which these photos were taken are also included.